Wideopen Football Club Supports the Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre

Wideopen Football Club recently advertised on our website that we wanted to collect strips and boots to send to the Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre in South Africa.

Thanks to fantastic support from parents, players and sponsors, together with the club, we have been able to organise a superb collection of kit. Donations came in from all the teams and age groups, including boots, socks, shorts, tops, a mixture of clothing and we have also sorted a trophy to send.

Huge thanks to DHL for their supportIn total, there was 8 boxes of kit. DHL were briliant too and shipped the boxes to the orphanage free of charge - huge thanks to DHL for their support.

The photograph shows just how pleased the young people were to receive all this.

Well done to everyone involved and a special thanks to Simon Johnson for organising this.

Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre

Find out a little more about the EP Children's Home below:

"The Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre was founded in 1889 and is one of the oldest residential children’s home in South Africa. While we are home to 104 children at any one time, many thousands of children from the ages of 3 to 18 years have been able to receive Love Care Hope in our care in the 127 years of our existence. Our demographics is 80% (Black/Coloured) and 20% (White) and our children are from all over the Eastern Cape. Children are placed in our Centre as a last resort if they are found to be in need of care by the Children’s Court. This is often because they have been exposed to violence and abuse or have been neglected by their care-givers. As a result our children have often suffered a great deal of trauma and neglect – and sometimes abandonment - and need intensive support to help reach their developmental goals.

"Each year we are faced with the challenge of balancing of the budget for normal operating expenses for our children as the amount towards running the Children’s Home we receive from the state by way of subsidies is only 40% of our total costs. This percentage increases every year as the state have pegged the amount per child to R1, 700 per month since 2008, yet food, electricity and transport costs have rocketed. The actual cost is R4, 300 per child.

"The brief profile above gives detailed insight into our Home and further information and pictures can be obtained from our web page and face book page:"